Transforming diagnostics with AI

Fully automated expert-independent microscopy application for:

  • ​Blood parasites
  • Stool parasites
  • Urinary infections
  • Bacteria infections

The Problem

Due to low budgets and high instrument prices, reliable diagnostic instruments for early-stage Malaria, NTD, and STH diagnosis are not widely available in rural areas of low-resource settings. 

The reference standard microscopy diagnostic technique is labor-intensive, error-prone, time consuming & expert-dependent. These limitations result to lack of access to reliable diagnosis in rural areas, delayed diagnosis, prolonged sicknesses, increased health risks and deaths.

Our solution

We provide a multi-diagnostic automated microscope that provides quick, reliable, affordable, easy-to-use, and field compatible point-of-care assisted diagnosis of Malaria, Tuberculosis, & Neglected Tropical Diseases (Schistosomiasis haematobium, Schistosomiasis mansoni Lymphatic Filariasis, Soil-Transmitted Helminths.


Battery for field compatibility


Comparable to expert microscopy


AI-driven sample

Experience the future of diagnostics

Lymphatic Filariasis

0 million
cases / year


0 million
cases / year


0 million
cases / year


0 million
cases / year

Our Products


Customized for the diagnosis of NTDs and STH


Designed specifically for Malaria

Use cases


With AI Without AI

Urinary Schistosomiasis detection

With  AI Without AI

Join our mission

Our aim is to diagnose 90 % of people in rural areas to eliminate NTD’s and malaria using advanced rapid, expert-independent, affordable and reliable automated microscopy diagnosis.

Support our work

We have been working with our partners to determine the infection load in communities throughout Nigeria, through which we have contributed to immediate treatment efforts 

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To be able to further develop and scale our operations we need additional passionate, dedicated & skilled individuals to join our team.

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There is power behind bringing awareness for the need of diagnostics in rural areas and it will change lives.

About Aidx Medical

AiDx Medical Bv has unique experience in the development of affordable automated AI-assisted optical detection methodology and its integration into microscopic systems with off-the shelf optical components. We have assembled a team with over 25 years of experience in optical system design, artificial intelligence, software & product design both from industry and the Delft University of Technology.


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