Transforming diagnostics with AI

AiDx Medical B.V. is a MedTech start-up founded in early 2019 and is based in Pijnacker, The Netherlands. The company focuses on bringing an affordable alternative to standard microscopic examination by optimally addressing all components of the diagnostic cycle. To achieve this, AiDx Medical develops low-cost automated diagnostic microscopes with reliable and fast AI-assisted detection.

In 2019, AiDx Medical was selected as one of the winners of the EIT Health Headstart Fund Belgium-Netherlands. This money was used for the development of an application for malaria diagnostics in low- and middle-income countries. A minimum viable product was brought to Gabon to be tested in local research laboratories.

AiDx Medical has further developed fully automated diagnostic microscopes for different indications e.g Neglected Tropical Diseases (Lymphatic filariasis, Urinary schistosomiasis, Loa loa, etc), which could benefit from automated, fast, and reliable diagnosis.  Further development includes quick diagnosis of malaria, tuberculosis and urinary tract infection.

Our vision

AiDx Medical’s vision is to make reliable, fast, and cost-effective diagnoses accessible to all.

Our mission

Advancing rapid, expert-independent, affordable, and reliable automated microscopy diagnosis in low-resource settings.

Together we can save thousands of lives through timely point-of-need diagnostics

We develop

In our diverse team, we strive for excellence and constantly refine our technology in collaboration with our clients.

We work locally

We believe that gathering local stakeholders like governments, businessess & NGO's around our products will give us the best insight into the market. We are constantly looking to engage in new partnerships

we consult

Our local partners in low resource settings enable us to test our devices on ground and receive quick feedback. We believe that this connection is one of the key factors for success, thus we are committed to walking with them hand in hand all the way.