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Reliable, Affordable, field-compatible fully Automated Microscope

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  • Throughput: 10 samples/h

  • Processing:  <10 minutes

  • Weight: 4 kg 

  • Diagnosis: Filariasis, Shistomiasis 

The multi-diagnostic AiDx_NTDx device is a low-cost and compact automated microscope specifically designed for the diagnosis of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD). It has an inbuilt slide-scanner, an on-board computer for data storage and processing and a robust battery back-up. The hardware system comprises custom designed optics, automated slide scanner with 3 degrees of freedom along the (x, y and z) axis respectively.

Digitally registered images are grouped into folders according to patient sample and geospatial data for efficient data storage and potential disease mapping. Registered images are screened using an integrated proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) model which identifies the target parasite present and classifies them accordingly. The algorithm also estimates infection intensity which can provide insight into the efficacy of treatment.

Our Pricing

Our Pricing plan is very simple. You can choose at any time the amount of devices you want to order. To get more information, contact us!


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Easy Sample Analysis 

Step 1: Insert prepared slide


Step 2: Select sample type, enter patient data & scan 


Step 3: Use integrated AI for sample analysis 

Step 4: Validate the AiDx Assist output


Step 5: Store & share results 



Real-time imaging

Our technology analyses the blood samples for you with an AI software being able to detect worms through our special built-in microscope. 

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Our Vision

AiDx Medical’s strategic objective is to make reliable, fast, and cost-effective diagnosis
accessible to all.

Our Partners 

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