Field-compatible all-rounder


Powerful and detailed

The multi-diagnostic AiDx microscopes are low-cost and compact automated microscopes. The robust, field-compatible device has a battery backup for off-grid use in remote settings if requested seperately and a laptop for off-line data processing & storage. The hardware system consists of custom-designed optics, an automated slide scanner with 3 degrees of freedom along the (x, y, and z) axis respectively. The autofocus system is optimized for quick focusing and registration of digital images of scanned samples acquired with the camera. The scanning process requires no human assistance thus enhancing the multi-tasking capabilities of the operator. Registered images are screened using an integrated proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) model which identifies the target parasite/bacteria present and classifies them accordingly. The algorithm also estimates infection intensity which can provide insight into the efficacy of treatment. Digitally registered images are grouped into folders according to patient sample ID and geospatial data for efficient data storage and potential disease mapping.